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Issue 6: Redphantom's Shadow
Issue 7: Occcupation Report
Issue 8: Mr. Society
Issue 9: The Cost of Free
Issue 10: The OJ Defense
Issue 11 Part 1: Five Minutes to Midnight
Issue 11 Part 2: Agressor Nation
Issue 12: It's Insomnia Stupid (Remake)
Issue 13: The Adversary of Mankind
Issue 14: The Game of Politics
Issue 15: Geek Force is Watching You
Issue 16: The North Pole is Going South
Issue 17: The Real Idiotic Dumb Act
Issue 18: Holy Moses!
Issue 19: The Dope Lord
Issue 20: Psychotic Cock
Issue 21: What About Modding?
Issue 22: The Complex
Issue 23 Part 1: The Salvation of Humanity
Issue 23 Part 2: Just Stupid
Gaming Tournament Arc Ending

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